French and Italian | Advanced Grammar
F313 | 11798 | Schachter, Marc

This course reviews and refines the French grammar students have
already learned and, building on this knowledge base, expands
students’ understanding of more advanced structures. The course will
strengthen students’ skills in oral and written comprehension and
expression. It also serves as a preparation for advanced culture and
literature courses at the F300 and 400 levels that involve extensive
reading and writing.

The course will make extensive use of two textbooks that are both
grammar manuals and workbooks: Grammaire française by Ollivier and
Beaudoin and French Grammar in Context by Jubb and Rouxeville. These
will sometimes be supplemented by French and Francophone materials
mostly drawn from the contemporary media. Grades will be based on
daily preparation and participation, several short writing
assignments, several tests, and a cumulative final exam. Prerequisite: