French and Italian | Great Novels of the 19th century
F443 | 28917 | Mickel, Emanuel J.

In this class we shall explore different types of novel written in
nineteenth century France—one could say the country that invented the
modern world.  We shall read Stendhal's Le Rouge et le noir, a novel
that embodies the revolution and modern man, Balzac's La Recherche de
l'absolu, a realist novel that lives on the edge of the occult,
Fromentin's Dominique, the Classic/Romantic man desperately in love
with a lost cause, Barbey d'Aurevilly's L'Ensorcelée, a revolutionary
priest whose rebellion contradicts the revolution, and Flaubert's
Madame Bovary, the Romantic, modern woman horribly out of place in
body and mind.  We shall discuss the novels of J. K. Huysmans and
Emile Zola, though we shall not have time to read any of their novels.
The class will be in French.  Students will write a term paper in
French between 10-15 pages in length.  There will be one hour exam and
a two-hour final.