French and Italian | Studies in French Civilization
F561 | 28919 | Bowles, Brett

Topic: "Echos of the New Wave"
This course will compare key films from the past fifteen years with
landmarks of the New Wave as a means of exploring the evolution of
French cinema, society, and culture since the early 1960s. To what
degree do these films express dissent or conformism? How are these
discourses expressed cinematically and how have they shaped public
consciousness? What continuities and ruptures--aesthetic, stylistic,
and socio-political--can be identified between the New Wave and its 
echoes  in contemporary French cinema?  In line with our comparative
approach, the course will be divided into several thematic sections,
each of which will juxtapose a New-Wave classic (by Truffaut, Godard,
Malle, Varda, Chabrol, Bresson, or Resnais) with a notable recent film
(by Kassovitz, Dardenne, Moll, Cantet, Dumont, or Ozon).