French and Italian | Studies in the Italian Film: The Mafia Through Cinematic Perspectives
M390 | 28926 | Vitti, Antonio Carlo

The course will analyze the cinematic representation of the complex
phenomena called Mafia. We will study how within Italian cinema the
characterization of the Mafia and mafiosi began with the archetypal
figures of the bosses and the “good guy” crusader from the North sent
to Sicily to fight crime. Cinematic representation went on to adopt a
more sociological approach, attempting to explore the political
implications of the Mafia through the political cinema genre, in
particular, Rosi's Salvatore Giuliano, 1961. The course will include
Cipri's and Maresco's surreal and tragicomic films mocking traditional
representation of the Mafia. Special attention will be dedicated to
the role of women in Torre's and Amenta's films.