Germanic Languages | Gender & Sexuality in Germany
E321 | 12316 | Breger

*Course meets with GNDR-G302/CMCL-CXXX/WEST-W406

Topic: “Gender ‘Glocalized’: Contemporary German and European

In the contemporary world, gender roles, identities, images,
accessories, metaphors – and more – circulate at the intersection of
the global and the local. Transported transnationally through music
and film culture as well as travel, migration and (twittered)
political controversy, they simultaneously develop their specific
resonances, visibility and urgency in local contexts, against the
background of national histories and political cultures. This course
explores contemporary German and European societies through the lens
of thus ‘glocalized’ gender culture.

The course draws primarily on literature, film and political
materials. Our investigations will cover a wide range of different
topics, including, for example, the ways in which different gender
norms in East and West European societies have shaped debates on
equality and social rights after the end of communism, the legacy of
the women’s movement (and various ‘postfeminisms’), public images of
queer identities and the intersections of gender, race, and religion
in recent debates about immigration (e.g., headscarf controversies,
and more).

The course is offered jointly for students in Germanic Studies, Gender
Studies and Communication and Culture. Lectures and discussions will
be in English, all readings and films are available in English or with
English subtitles. The scheduled film showing will take place as
needed, roughly every other week or so.

Course Materials:
Shorter reading materials for this class will be available on
oncourse. However, you will need a copy of the following books:

1. Kaminer, Wladimir. Russian Disco: Tales of Everyday Lunacy on the
Streets of Berlin. Ebury Press 2009. ISBN-10: 0091886694. ISBN-13:
978-0091886691. Price starts at 7.80 on amazon.
2. Ravic-Strubel, Antje. Snowed Under. Paperback Red Hen Press, 2008.
ISBN-10: 1597094013- ISBN-13: 978-1597094016 .
3. Tawada, Yoko. Where Europe begins. New Directions 2007. ISBN-10:
0811217027 ISBN-13: 978-0811217026. Amazon prize: 11.21.