Germanic Languages | Dutch Culture: Modern Netherlands
E341 | 8619 | Ham

*2nd 8 weeks
*Course meets with WEUR-W405 and WEUR-W605
Topic: Typical Dutch?

Taught in English; no prerequisites.  Course open to graduates and

For those seeking to understand the Netherlands, national taboos and
obsessions are a good place to start. These can best be gleaned from
Dutch literature and film, especially when you look at three themes
that have generally been dominant for the last 60 years: the
relationship with the (former) East Indian colony, the Second World
War, and immigration. This course tries to give an idea why the war in
Europe and Asia remain important in Dutch literature for that long.
Also, the immigration of the last 50 years will be analyzed with some
special attention to the shift in politics and arts in the 21th
century to the Dutch Muslim community.

The course begins with an overview of Dutch history, with the emphasis
on the 20th and 21th century. Abstracts of some Dutch novels will be
read as an illustration. Furthermore, we will look critically at many
films to decide if there is something we could refer to as ‘typical

Grading will entail: a couple of short papers, a final and a final paper.

Required texts: