Germanic Languages | Beginning German I
G100 | 3297-3304 | Staff

Prerequisite: This course presupposes no prior knowledge of German.

In four class meetings per week students will develop skills
(listening, speaking, reading, and writing) for communicating in
German within a cultural context. Language laboratory work and written
homework are an intrinsic part of the course, as is the accumulation
of portfolio items. Regular mandatory tests are designed to give
feedback to students and teaching staff. Active class participation is
a requirement for successful completion of the course, as is a passing
grade on the final examination.  To proceed to G150, students need to
earn a grade of C- or better in G100.

Required Texts:
Dollenmayer / Hansen: Neue Horizonte, 7th edition + customized
Workbook (shrink-wrapped), ISBN 1-428-28392-7