Germanic Languages | Fifth Semester College German
G300 | 3323-3325 | Staff

Prerequisite: G250 with a minimum grade of C-, an equivalent course at
another institution, or placement.

This course is designed to prepare students for subsequent 300-level
work in German language, literature, and culture, and a variety of
texts from these areas will be read. In their oral and written
responses to the readings, it is expected that students will
demonstrate a growing awareness of–and sensitivity to–German culture
and express their ideas in a manner consistent with advanced language
work. Each student should own a good German-English / English-German
dictionary as well as a standard reference grammar.

Koithan / Schmitz / Sieber / Sonntag / Lösche: Aspekte. Lehrbuch 2 mit
DVD. Langenscheidt 2008. ISBN: 3-468-47484-2

Rankin / Wells: Handbuch zur deutschen Grammatik, 5th edition +
customized workbook. Houghton Mifflin 2011. ISBN: 1-111-29403-8 (the
4th edition must not be ordered!)

Kafka, Franz: Die Verwandlung. Reclam. ISBN: 3-15-009900-5