Germanic Languages | Introduction to German Literature - Types
G305 | 3326 | Breger

Topic: "Narrative"

“Narrative” is one of the literary “types” identified by classical
poetics (along with “drama” and “lyric”), but simultaneously much more
than that: Recent scholarship from many different disciplines has
explored narrative as a way of making sense of the world as well as
personal experience, of constructing identities, developing arguments
for a political or ethical cause, and much more. Drawing on some of
these ideas along with more traditional tools of literary analysis,
this course combines an introduction to German literature (including
some of the narratives told through drama and lyrical forms) with
broader, interdisciplinary investigations into culture, history and

The course is taught in German, with reading assignments mostly in
German (a few theoretical materials will be read in English), writing
assignments partially in German, partially in English. (Prerequisite:
G300; G330 recommended). Shorter readings will be on oncourse, but you
will need a copy of the following books (German books tend to be least
expensive when ordered through, but allow
several weeks for delivery).

1. The Cambridge Companion to Narrative. Ed. David Herman. Paperback
Cambridge UP 2007 (ISBN-10: 0521673666; ISBN-13: 978-0521673662).
2. Benjamin Lebert. Der Vogel ist ein Rabe. Munich: Goldmann, 2005.
ISBN-10: 3442541603. ISBN-13: 978-3442541607.
3. Brecht, Bertolt. Die Dreigroschenoper. Paperback Frankfurt/M.
Suhrkamp (41st printing 2009). ISBN-10: 351810229X. ISBN-13: