Germanic Languages | Introduction to German Phonetics & Phonology
G448 | 10655 | Hall

The language of instruction will be German.

The two primary goals of the course are:
1. to introduce you to the area of linguistics known as phonetics with
particular reference to the articulation of the sounds of (modern
standard) German;
2. to introduce you to the area of linguistics known as phonology with
particular emphasis on the phonology of (modern standard) German.

This course consists of two parts:
Part I (first third of course): The phonetics of German (how the
sounds are produced); and Part II (the remainder of the course): The
phonology of German (the rules governing which sounds are permitted in
which positions of German words).

The course material will be in the form of extensive handouts.
Attendance and class participation are crucial to your success in this
course. There will be a midterm (at the end of Part I), regular
homework assignments and a final examination.

Note: This is an introduction to a particular branch of linguistics.
Students with no previous knowledge of linguistics are welcome to
attend. This course is NOT a pronunciation class, although your
pronunciation of German will improve significantly as a result of your

Required text:
Mangold, Max; et al. (2005) Duden Aussprachewörterbuch:  Wörterbuch
der deutschen Standardaussprache. (Duden, Band 6.) 6. Auflage.