G625 | 14088 | M. Treut

GER- G625 Sexuality and genderqueerness in independent German and
European films and their roots in real life.
Instructor: Monika Treut, email:

In this course students will have the chance to view and discuss a
variety of  rare European independent films focusing on diverse
sexual orientations. (Be forewarned: Some of the films will have
strong adult content and graphic scenes!) Especially in the history
of German Cinema the representation of „otherness“ in society has
played a significant role from the very beginning.

We will discuss concepts of femininity/masculinity and homosexual,
intersexed, and transgendered identities versus strategies of
traditonal interpretations. First focusing on Magnus Hirschfeld, the
homosexual German sexologist, who was coined by Adolf Hitler as
the „most dangerous Jew in the world“ we will analyze the importance
of the science of sexology in determining the basis of
spectatorship. We then will also link „Bloomington’s son“, Alfred
Kinsey, to the ancient European tradition of exploring human
sexuality. If all goes well we will have the chance to view some of
Kinsey’s filmatic legacy to future generations and discuss how
Kinsey’s concept of sexuality in the 1940ies and early 50ies can be
read today.

Troughout the course students will take on the guise of contemporary
cultural critics, preparing film discussions and staging short
debates. Also the instructor will throw in some surprise films which
are unavailable in the U.S. Course will be held in English – German
can be spoken with natie German speaker/instructor at all times.

For students of Germanic Studies – students of film and media
studies are very welcome!
Enrollement limited to 18

Required reading:
Foucault, Michel.  The History of Sexuality, Vol. 1: An Introduction
Publisher: Vintage (April 14, 1990) ISBN-10: 9780679724698

Recommended reading:
Alice Kuzniar: The Queer German Cinema
Publisher: Stanford University Press; First Edition edition (June 1,
ISBN-10: 9780804739955

Elena Mancini: Magnus Hirschfeld and the Quest for Sexual Freedom: A
History of the First International Sexual Freedom Movement (Critical
Studies in Gender, Sexuality, and Culture) ISBN-10: 0230104266

Chris Straayer: Deviant Eyes, Deviant Bodies. Columbia University
ISBN-13: 978-0231079792

Jonathan Gathorne-Hardy: Sex the Measure of All Things: A Life of
Alfred C. Kinsey (Hardcover) Publisher: Indiana University Press
(October 2004)
ISBN-10: 9780253217264

Films screened and discussed:
Rosa on Praunheim: The Einstein of Sex - Life and Work of Dr. M.
Hirschfeld, TLA Releasing, ASIN: B00006L93P
Roman Polanski: Repulsion
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, ASIN: B001TUUK3W
Monika Treut: Female Misbehavior:

Monika Treut: Seduction: The Cruel Woman

Pier Paolo Pasolini: LOVE MEETINGS:
Water Bearer Films, Inc, ASIN: B00008G96Z

In addition instructor will bring the following authorized DVDs:

Rainer Werner Fassbinder: In einem Jahr mit 13 Monden
Rosa von Praunheim: Nicht der Homosexuelle ist pervers
Robert van Ackeren: Deutschland privat
Luis Bunuel: Belle de Jour
Ulrike Ottinger: Madame X