Germanic Languages | Advanced Dutch I
N505 | 28952 | Ham

*This section meets with GER-N300
Required texts:
1	Van Dale Pocketwoordenboek Nederlands als tweede taal, Van Dale 2003
ISBN: 9066480726
2	W.Shetter, Dutch An Essential Grammar, Publisher: Routledge, New
York and London, 9th edition 2007, ISBN 978-0-415-42307-6
This course is designed to prepare students for reading of a variety
of texts, from literature, magazine articles and other cultural based
texts. In their oral and written responses to the readings, it is
expected that students will demonstrate a growing awareness of - and
sensibility to  Dutch: language and culture and express their ideas
in a manner that is consistent with advanced language work.
We will build upon a wide range of language skills in N300:
Reading: Throughout the course, we will be reading a variety of Dutch
texts, mostly literary in nature. Speaking and listening: Spoken Dutch
also constitutes an integral component of the course. You will be
expected to participate actively in class discussions and group work.
You will also do listening exercises in and outside of class
pertaining to the materials heard on the website.  Grammar: You are
expected to have a good grasp of basic and intermediate Dutch grammar
concepts. We will review foundational concepts throughout the course
and you are responsible for reviewing grammar that still presents you
with difficulties. Writing: A main focus of the course will be on
writing in Dutch - to express ideas, convey information, and improve
style and accuracy. We will also practice writing in a variety of
different contexts. At times you will be asked to react to various
materials.  At other times, you will write longer and more structured
essays. Grading will entail: quizzes, a midterm, a presentation, a
couple of short papers and a final paper.