Gender Studies | Topics in Gender Studies: Gender, Media and Fan Cultures
G104 | 11324 | Thompson, K

From vibrant online communities to city-engulfing conventions to the
always-growing amount of user-produced content on and off the Web,
fans, their communities, and the works they produce are a vital part
of the media ecosystem. This course will explore some of the
gendered dynamics surrounding media fandom, specifically fan
communities and cultures. We will be looking at fan practices and
fan-produced media through an analytic lens of gender (and other
interlocking social categories including but not limited to race,
class, ability, and sexuality). Topics for study include fan-made
media (fan fiction, fan videos or “vids”, and fan art) as well as
community space on and offline, convention culture, and cosplay. Our
explorations will be guided by larger questions about gender and the
role of participation and participatory culture in reshaping media
discourses. How are normative ideas about gender and sexuality
reproduced in these spaces and media, and how are they challenged
and rearranged?