Gender Studies | Topics in Gender Studies: Power, Pleasure and Patriarchy - Rethinking the Feminist Sex Wars
G104 | 8768 | Basiliere, J

This course will cover the key debates that emerged out of the
feminist Sex Wars of the 1980s.  During the first half of the
semester, students will learn about the issues at hand during the
Sex Wars, including: female sexual pleasure, power under patriarchy,
pornography, lesbian and heterosexual sexualities, and
sadomasochism.  During the second half of the semester we will look
at more contemporary iterations of those debates, and discuss the
ways in which the Sex Wars have influenced current thinking about
sexuality.  By the end of the semester, students will be able to
answer the following questions: What were the key issues at stake
during the feminist Sex Wars?  How does thinking about sexuality in
a dichotomy of pleasure and danger affect our reading of sexual
behavior?  What can we learn about the relationship between feminism
and morality by looking at these debates?  How have the feminist Sex
Wars influenced current thinking on female sexuality?