Gender Studies | Themes in Gender Studies: Queer Migrations
G205 | 31743 | Brennan, M

This course examines the relationship between queer identities,
communities, and bodies as they migrate across borders.  Class
readings, writing assignments, and discussions will chart embedded
ideologies in immigration policy and hierarchies of exclusion,
considering their shifts over time and different forms across
locales.  We will map the negotiations of queer migrants, and how
border crossing creates transitional tensions  for migrants and the
receiving nation.  Focal areas include: personal narratives of queer
migrants, structures of the state that define the lives of queer
citizens and im/migrants, the methods by which communities and
borders are policed, global trends in policy, acceptance/rejection
of asylum claims, and survival strategies of queer migrants.  By
thinking critically about sexuality, gender, ethnicity, class, and
religion, students will consider many questions including: How does
the language of human rights resonate against immigration policies?
How would the chances of a successful migration vary across
cultures, classes, and family structures?