Gender Studies | Themes in Gender Studies: Female Sexualities and Subcultures
G205 | 9770 | Schweighofer, K

This course uses case evidence and analytical tools from a range of
disciplines and formats to examine a wide array of female
sexualities and subcultures.  The role of the body is inseparable
from understanding sexual desire, so we will begin with the history
of scientific control over women's desire and bodies and its ongoing
effects in debates over pornography, queer and transwomen's
experiences, and the erotics of pregnancy and childbirth.  An
examination of butch-femme lesbian cultures and polyamory suggests
that desire surfaces in individual relationships as well as in
identity politics.  Temporality, geography, and classed and raced
desires  permeate female sex tourism and sex work subcultures;
meanwhile, the explosion of internet technologies allows new and
previously hidden sexual subcultures like S/M and fetish groups new
community and connections.  The end result will challenge and expand
your understanding of "female," "sex," and "subculture"!
No previous Gender Studies experience necessary.