Gender Studies | Issues in Gender Studies: War, Violence, and Masculinity
G302 | 10122 | --

This international and cross-cultural course contrasts divergent
ways scholars have understood warfare and militarism from political,
cultural, sociobiological, material/economic, and historical
perspectives, all in particular dialogue with gender studies. We
will ask whether warfare is a universal? what do warfare and
militarism have to do with masculinity? what is the relationship
between liberation/independence/anti-colonial movements and powerful
states and economic interests? is militarism necessarily connected
to fascist pro-natalism? are women who torture, engage in combat, or
commit suicide bombings anomalies? how are paramilitary and guerilla
movements different from official state militaries? what happens to
masculinity/femininity in prisoner of war camps and with respect to
disabled veterans? is there a feminist ethics to guide research on
warfare and militarism? and most centrally, how do we think about
the relationship between militaries and societies?