Gender Studies | Graduate Topics in Gender Studies: Researching the History of Gender and Sexuality in Modern Culture
G701 | 11011 | Allen

A portion of the above class reserved for majors
Above class open to graduates only
Above class meets with HIST H760

This research seminar is designed for each participant to devise and
complete and original research project related to the history of
gender and sexualities in the period since about 1800.  Projects may
take many forms.  Some participants may apply a particular theory
(or body of theory) arising in gender or sexuality studies to a
historical problem through scrutiny of relevant primary sources.
Others already working (or planning to work) on a topic related to
gender or sexualities can use the seminar to develop it through
primary source exploration.  Still others may design an original
research related to gender or sexuality, perhaps related to possible
dissertation subjects.  Some participants may aim to prepare a
conference paper or a publishable article in the history of
gender/sexualities; others may use the seminar to identify ways that
research in this area may augment or diversify their conceptual and
methodological expertise.