Gender Studies | Graduate Topics in Gender Studies: Race & Culture in the African Dispora
G701 | 13288 | McCluskey

How does one research and write about Black culture in a scholarly
and interdisciplinary fashion? In this class, students will learn
the methods of how to do Black cultural studies and teach others how
to do so by analyzing the approach and format of recent critical
works.  Because selected texts also engage the topics of the black
body, gender, and sexuality in Black communities, students will also
become fluent in the discourses of gender and sexuality studies.  In
the process, students will learn to mine various Black cultural
products to create theoretical texts and construct critical analysis
of race, gender, sexuality, class, nation, and diasbility  relevant
to a wide array of Black political and scholarly communities and
traditions.  In addition to texts, students will attempt to find
their own theoretical voice and interests by becoming critical of
cultural studies elements such as the means of production,
representation, consumption, dissementation/distribution, audience,
cultural capital, commodification, and appropriation to name a few.