Gender Studies | Graduate Topics in Gender Studies: Desire and the Racialized Erotics of Political Culture
G701 | 31964 | Frazier

Through transnational and multi-sited materials, this seminar
considers the question of desire in political cultures, particularly
in terms of sexualizations and racializations. Departing from
philosophies of desire and theories of ideology in relation to bio-
political models, we then draw on anthropology, history, geography,
as well as literary and film scholarship. Are political projects
themselves—not to mention political actors—erotically charged in
racialized ways that intersect with and at times shape the desires,
sexual practices, and very parameters of their constituencies? We
consider the proposition that desire --erotic charges, motivations,
pleasures, and rewards driving and driven by affects, actions,
feelings, and needs--  is central to how people connect with and
become mobilized in political projects—or how they become
disaffected or are excluded. We consider nation/empire/market-state
oriented projects as well as asking how spaces for alternative
orientations emerge.