Spanish and Portuguese | Luso-Brazilian Colloquium
P495 | 28958 | Professor Darlene Sadlier

HISP-P 495  Luso-Brazilian Colloquium  (3 credits)

Topic:  Travel Literature in Portuguese

The idea of travel is implicit in the novel whose structure is often
described along the lines of an individualís journey through society
and life.  Our course will examine various literary genres in which
travel is a dominant or implicit motif and will include selections
from the medieval period to the present day. The focus is
transnational and will include readings from Portugal, Brazil and
Lusophone Africa. Topics to be discussed in connection with the
literature include empire and expansionism, migration, Orientalism,
Lusotropicalism, and diaspora.

HISP-P 495  #28958  4:00P-5:15P  TR  BH 315  Prof. Darlene Sadlier
Note:  This class meets jointly with HISP-P 498 and HISP-P 695.