Spanish and Portuguese | Chicano and Puerto Rican Literature
S220 | 28961 | Professor Luis Dávila

HISP-S 220  Chicano and Puerto Rican Literature  (3 credits)

The course will deal with the bicultural reality of the Chicano and
Puerto Rican people living in the U.S. as seen through the looking
glass of their literature.

Amongst topics to be considered will be questions involving class
differences, gender, the dialectics of history, as well as possible
reconstructions of American literary history by incorporating recent
thrusts of Chicano and Puerto Rican literature.

There will be a minimum of three written exercises (tests or short
papers), as well as participatory opportunities in terms of
presentations, quizzes and class discussions.  Lectures when
necessary will also be part of our classroom fare.

The course is to be taught in English.  This class carries the CASE
A&H and CASE DUS distribution credit.

HISP-S 220  #28961  12:20P-1:10P   MWF   BH 345    Prof. Luis Dávila