Spanish and Portuguese | SPAIN: The Cultural Context
S411 | 9830 | Professor Reyes Vila-Belda

HISP-S 411  SPAIN:  The Cultural Context  (3 credits)	  CULTURE
Prerequisite:  Complete one course from S324, S328, S331, S333 or

This course presents a cultural history of Spain, from the early
times to the present, with an emphasis on contemporary society. The
purpose is to study the culture of the past for a better
understanding of the present Spanish society. This panoramic view
will concentrate on the study of political, economic, and historical
aspects. In addition, we will examine diverse cultural artifacts
(art, architecture, literature, music, journalism and contemporary
films) to explore the heterogeneity of Spain. It will be conducted
entirely in Spanish. Grades will be based in active participation,
assignments, oral presentations, several exams, and a final paper.

This course is taught in Spanish and carries CASE A&H and CASE GCC
distribution credit.

HISP-S 411 #9830  9:30A-10:45A  TR  BH 214   Prof. Reyes Vila-Belda