Spanish and Portuguese | The Acquisition of Spanish
S430 | 10765 | Professor Laura Gurzynski-Weiss

HISP-S 430  The Acquisition of Spanish (3 credits)     LINGUISTICS
Prerequisite:  S326 or equivalent

This course provides a foundation in the field of second language
acquisition with a specific focus on Spanish. The course begins with
a historical overview of second/foreign language theories and will
explore in detail how learning a second/foreign language differs
from learning a first language. Concepts such as language transfer,
interlanguage, developmental patterns, learner individual
differences and the learning environment will be discussed. Students
will examine what is currently known about the acquisition of
Spanish and study the methodologies commonly used in the field.
Class time will include lecture, student-led discussion and
practical application of theoretical concepts. Evaluation will be
based on student participation/preparation, activities in and
outside of class, examinations and a final project.

HISP-S 430   #10765  10:10A-11:00A    MWF    BH 321
Prof. Laura Gurzynski-Weiss

Note:  This class carries CASE N&M distribution credit.