Spanish and Portuguese | Hispanic Literature and Literary Theory
S473 | 28964 | Professor Alejandro Mejías-López

HISP-S 473  Hispanic Literature and Literary Theory (3 credits)

Prerequisite: For students matriculating prior to fall 2010:  You
must have completed two of the following: S328, S331, S332, S333, or
S334.  For students matriculating fall 2010 or after:  S328; S324 or
S326; and one additional 300-level Spanish class.

This course will focus on the study of Hispanic literature through
concepts of literary theory.  By focusing on these concepts,
however, we will not seek to turn the reading of literary texts into
a mere technical activity, but to expand our interpretive
imagination and our critical vocabulary, and thereby deepen the
experience of reading both Hispanic literary texts and literature in
general.  We will discuss different understandings of literature and
approaches to the literary text in the Western tradition from
Aristotle to Cultural Studies, but we will pay particular attention
to theories of narrative and storytelling.  Assignments will include
in-class presentations, exams, analytical papers, and creative
writing.  Class will be conducted in Spanish.

HISP-S 473   #28964   4:00P-5:15P   TR   BH 219
Prof. Alejandro Mejías-López

Note:  This course carries CASE A&H distribution credit.