Spanish and Portuguese | Spanish Phonology II
S609 | 28969 | E. Willis

Professor Erik Willis
email: ewwillis

S609	Spanish Phonology II

MWF 10:10a -11:00a/section# 28969/3 cr./BH 134

Topic: Spanish Laboratory Phonology

This course examines issues in the Spanish Phonological system based
on laboratory data.  The initial portion of the class will be
devoted to reviewing methods and techniques employed by Laboratory
Phonology studies in general, followed by specific topics in Spanish
Phonology.  Spanish topics will include voicing distinctions, hiatus
resolution, nasals, the vowel system, lenition, stress and accent,
and intonation.  The majority of these topics will also address
variation with the system.   The skills and methods employed in this
course will be applicable to a variety of phonological research
purposes such as second language acquisition, bilingualism,
dialectology and variation.  A primary goal of the course is to
enable students to conduct original research in Spanish laboratory

Course requirements include a series of phonetic and phonological
analyses, class presentations, article reviews, and a final research
project.  Course materials include the acoustic analysis software
PRAAT, texts "Phonetic Data Analysis" (2003) and "The Sounds of
Spanish" (2005), and assigned articles.