History | Asian American History
A205 | 10715 | Wu

A portion of this class reserved for University Division orientation
program students
Above class carries Culture Studies credit

This course explores the history of Asian Americans in the United
States from the mid-19th century to the present as part of the
making of the Pacific World.  Drawing from a range of disciplinary
approaches, we will investigate various local and global forces that
have shaped the lives of Asian Americans, as well as the ways in
which Asian Americans have impacted regional, national, and
international dynamics over the past 150 years. In thinking about
the multiplicity of peoples and experiences identified as “Asian
American,” we will interrogate what it has meant, and what it means,
to be “Asian American,” and why these questions matter. Major themes
to be explored include migration, labor, community formation, race,
gender, citizenship, empire, war, nation, and transnationalism.
Special emphasis will be given to the analysis of a range of primary
sources as an introduction to the historian’s task of reading and
interpreting the past.