History | The Insurgent South: Radicalism, Reform and Movements for Social Change in the American South, Reconstruction to the Present
A300 | 12417 | Smith

Above class open to undergraduate and Education MA's only
A portion of the above class reserved for majors

This course surveys the histories of radicalism and reform in the
American South from Reconstruction to the present. From the
campaigns against lynching and for woman suffrage to labor
organizing and activism for economic justice, and from the century-
long grassroots civil rights movement to the rise of the New Right,
we’ll explore the vibrant history of social movements in the South
and the efforts of individuals to reform and improve Southern
society. In doing so we’ll also examine how the South has evolved
politically, economically, and socially since the end of the Civil
War. This is a reading and writing intensive seminar: in addition to
active (and required) participation in our weekly class discussions,
you will write short responses to each week’s readings as well as a
research paper on a topic of your choosing that will be completed in
stages over the course of the semester.