History | Holocaust in American Memory
A379 | 8625 | Linenthal

Above class open to undergraduates and Education MA's only
A portion of the above class reserved for majors
Above class meets with AMST-A399 and another section of HIST-A379

This course will examine the ever-changing constructions of
Holocaust memory in the United States, from the revelations of the
horrors of the concentration and death camps in the spring of 1945,
through the challenge of Holocaust remembrance in personal
testimony, film, and physical memorials. Through lecture and
discussion, we will think together about Des Pres’ assertion that we
are defined by the “predicament of aftermath.” Is it the case that
we have “never been able to assimilate the implications” of the
Holocaust? What does it mean to “assimilate” these “implications?”
What are these implications? How does the Holocaust live on in
American remembrance, and why should the United States be so
invested in the memory of a European genocide?