History | The Crusades
B301 | 28978 | Shopkow

A portion of the above class reserved for majors
Above class open to undergraduates and Education MA's only

In this modern world, many people make reference to the Crusades to
justify their beliefs and actions. In this course we won’t be
looking at the ways the Crusades are invoked for modern purposes.
Instead, we’ll be looking at the Crusades (from the First Crusade in
1095 through the fourteenth century) as they were experienced by the
willing or unwilling participants in them: Christians, Muslims,
Byzantines (the East Roman Empire), and Jews. We will begin with the
background on each of these groups that we will need to understand
their responses to and experiences during the crusades, and then we
will examine primary source accounts written from all four
perspectives. When the course is over, we will understand why the
Crusades have lived so long in memory (and so differently among
different groups) and be better able to weigh the ways in which
appeals to the Crusades are being used.