History | Christianity and Africa
E300 | 28983 | Hanson

Above class open to undergraduates and Education MA's only

This course introduces students to the history of Christianity in
Africa from earliest times to the present. Africans were among the
earliest converts to Christianity, and in Ethiopia, the Orthodox
(Coptic) Tewahedo Church remains influential to this day. Other
Africans converted in the era of European exploration and slave
trading in Africa, and some of the local clergy condemned the abuses
of the era. Africans participated in the great expansion of
missionary Christianity beginning in the nineteenth century, and by
the twentieth century Africans came to constitute some of the
largest members of Christian denominations. In the twenty-first
century, African clergy are emerging as leaders of world
denominations and proselytizing abroad. This course examines this
history and investigates how Africans made Christianity relevant to
their lives. The aim is to provide students with a firm grasp of
Africa’s role in the history of Christianity.

Course evaluations consist of three exams, equally weighted, and a
final. No prerequisites.