History | The World in the 20th Century
H101 | 3509 | Guardino

Above class open to freshmen, sophomores and Education
undergraduates only
A portion of this class reserved for University Division orientation
program students

This introductory course presumes no previous knowledge of world
history.  We shall examine some of the momentous changes that took
place in the first half of the century and affected people all over
the world.  Topics include industrialism, gender, colonialism,
racism, nationalism, fascism, socialism and war.  Analyzing these
subjects and their impact of every day life will help us understand
how the world we live in today came to be, and examining the
experiences of people from the past will help us understand our own
humanity.  The course is based on active lectures that incorporate
film clips and other visual materials as well as the discussion of
issues and documents.  We will read a textbook, selected short
documents, the novels, "All Quiet on the Western Front," and, "The
River Between," and the memoir, "Behind the Urals."  There will be
three exams and short reading quizzes.