History | Honors Seminar
K392 | 3564 | Dodson

Obtain online authorization from undergraduate advisor in BH 706
Above class COLL intensive writing section

This class is intended to provide Honors Program students with the
basic skills required to write a larger original piece of historical
research (an Honors thesis or paper).  The class will survey
different historiographical traditions; examine different approaches
to the interpretation of original source material; and consider the
political and cultural implications of writing history.  We will
focus especially on developing skills in writing, argumentation, and
historical interpretation.  We will, for example, learn to
distinguish different kinds of sources, and practice the crafting of
a historical argument.  We will also think about the relevance of
history to contemporary discourse, and ask why history matters in
our own daily lives.

You will be evaluated on the basis of class participation and
several writing assignments.