Honors | The Mafia and Other Italian Mysteries (HIST)
B226 | 32250 | Carl Ispen

TuTh 1:00-2:15 p.m.
CH 122

This course will focus primarily on the Sicilian mafia over the
course of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. The main text will
be John Dickie’s Cosa Nostra: A History of the Sicilian Mafia. That
work does also explore links to the US mafia, but our focus will be
Italy. In addition to the mafia we will look at related areas of
Italian “deep politics” (or Italy’s mysteries) including: Salvatore
Giuliano, right and left wing terror and the strategy of tension,
the Vatican banking scandal, and the Tangentopoli scandal and Clean
Hands investigation. Lecture and the main text will be supplemented
with assorted feature and documentary films and additional related
fictional and non-fictional readings.

John Dickie, Cosa Nostra. A History of the Sicilian Mafia. New York,
Palgrave, 2004 (or subsequent).

Leonardo Sciascia, To Each His Own. New York, NYRB Classics, 2000.
Original Italian: A ciascuno il suo (1966).