Honors | Gender in the Prehistoric Aegean (CLAS)
C395 | 29300 | M. Kramer-Hajos

TuTh 1:00-2:15pm
JH A105

Meets with another section of CLAS-C 395.

This course explores questions of gender and age in Prehistoric
Greece. We will pay attention to questions of gender roles and
identity, rites of passage, and status as visible through burial and
artifact remains from the Neolithic through the Dark Ages in the
Aegean. Since these are periods for which written records are absent
or minimal, the overwhelming majority of our evidence will come from
Neolithic and Cycladic figurines, Minoan and Mycenaean frescoes, and
other artistic expressions of the prehistoric cultures in the Aegean
world. We will touch upon the “Mother Goddess” debate and
the “Matriarchy” debate, as well as develop an awareness of common
gender and age bias in interpreting prehistoric artifacts and works
of art.