Honors | Sex, Gender and the Body (GNDR)
G105 | 8503 | Hilary Malatino

This course seeks to introduce students to the major approaches to,
debates within, and key topics addressed by the interdisciplinary
field of gender studies. Given this interdisciplinary field, we will
draw on the resources of diverse academic areas -- including
biology, anthropology, history, psychology, and philosophy -- in
order to develop more complex and informed ways of understanding,
interrogating, and analyzing the multiple ways that sex, gender,
sexuality, and embodiment have been constituted, challenged, and

As we pursue this general line of inquiry, we will become familiar
with some of the specific terminologies and histories at work in the
vernacular of contemporary gender studies; examine some of the ways
in which western medical practitioners have made sense of sexual
difference, abnormality, and dis/ability; familiarize ourselves with
the stakes at work in the political and social inclusion and
enfranchisement of sexual minorities and gender-diverse folks;
address the ways in which gender, sex, and sexuality are cross-cut
and articulated interactively with race, class, and historical and
geopolitical location; and become well-versed in multiple
theoretical approaches to understanding issues of diversity and

In addition to preparing students for upper-level coursework in
areas both specifically and tangentially related to gender studies,
this is also a course wherein skills in critical thinking and
complex communication will be developed. In keeping with these
course goals, creativity, mutual respect for and engagement of
subjective and cultural differences, and a healthy intellectual
curiosity are not just encouraged, but expected.