Honors | Ideas & Experience II (HON)
H212 | 10626 | John Karaagac

TuTh 11:15am-12:30pm
HU 217

It is impossible to think meaningfully about ideas without reference
to a range of experiences. It is a failure of the imagination to
experience without some reflection on its meaning. This is a class
that examines the classics -- works that speak to subjects and ideas
rooted in time and place but also time-less.

We will intensively read and reflect on nine to ten classic works,
both from fiction and non-fiction. In some cases, we will substitute
several short readings or selections from longer texts for one of
those ten. In past cycles, authors have included Conrad, Woolf,
Kawabata and Didion, among others.

The books you read in Ideas and Experience II will be ten books that
you will want to have in your library.

Your final grade will be based on five short (under four page)
papers and two longer (seven to eight page) papers. I will also
grade on your capacity to add to class discussion-- discussion based
on close textual analysis. Participation is essential. This is not
only a writing-intensive but a reading-intensive course.