Honors | Teaching Less Commonly Taught Languages (NELC)
N696 | 83901 | Çiğdem Balım Harding

Above class may be taken for honors credit only by special
arrangement with the instructor.

The course aims to develop and practice skills and techniques for
teaching Less Commonly Taught Languages to adults, in the context of
(a) recent approaches and research into language and language
teaching; (b) national needs and national recommendations and
standards (such as Proficiency Guidelines); and (c) where relevant
in fitting with the language curriculum for these languages at IU.

The objectives of the course are:
-to introduce the linguistic and cognitive dimensions of language
(including pragmatic semantics, grammar, written and spoken

-to acquaint students with the principles and the current issues
related to learning a first and a foreign/second language

-to enable students to apply the principles of performance based
language teaching/learning to LCTLs

-to enable students to evaluate, adapt, and be able to integrate
instructional media used in learning and teaching a foreign
language: textbooks, audio and audio-visual materials and computer-
assisted language learning materials as well as writing new materials

Methodology is central to classroom practices in language teaching.
This course unit will begin by examining the theoretical origins and
pedagogic influence of various approaches to language teaching (eg
structural, communicative, humanistic, task-based); the development
of defined methods that relate to these approaches, and finally the
wide range of techniques, traditional and more contemporary, that
are currently at the disposal of informed language teachers. It will
consider, how the concept of 'appropriate methodology' might help
teachers develop approaches to teaching that are context-sensitive,
but at the same time consistent with current research and thinking.

Learning and Teaching Methods:
3hrs/week combination of lectures, discussion and task presentation.
Details of the reading list will be adjusted for each student
depending on the LCTL that he/she wants to work on.

3x oral presentation/ teaching practice	30%
(with bibliography and outline)

Reading assignments: summary and commentary 20%

1 x final project (5,000 words for Graduate students and 3,500 words
for undergraduates 50%

Reading List
Brown, H. Douglas. 2001. Teaching by Principles. Longman.
Graves, Kathleen. 2000.  Designing Language Courses. Newbury House.
Klapper, John. 2006. Understanding and Developing Good Practice:
Language Teaching in Higher Education. CILT.