Honors | Intermediate Russian I (SLAV)
R201 | 31813 | Maria Shardakova

MTuWTh 11:15am-12:05pm
JH A107

This course is the first part of a yearlong Intermediate Russian
Course intended for those with approximately one year of college
Russian. This course will enable students to successfully handle
interaction in everyday situations talking about family, university
life, leisure-time activities. Students should be able to read both
simplified and uncomplicated authentic literary texts, browse the
Internet for certain information (weather reports, travel ads,
horoscope readings, reports on a musical band performance); read
newspapers on limited number of topics. Role-playing, skits, short
readings from literature and the current press, and video clips will
be used to help students improve their language skills. Most
students successfully completing this course will emerge with
intermediate mid to intermediate high language proficiency level
according to the ACTFL proficiency guidelines (American Council on
the Teaching of Foreign Languages).

Course Objectives:
1.to develop students' intermediate-level communicative competency
in the four language skills (speaking, listening, writing, reading)
2.to expand studentsí structural knowledge of Russian including
participles and gerunds
3.to engage students in on-going discussion of Russian culture
including both every day culture  (family relations, university
life, social practices) and high culture (history and the arts)

Course Specific Goals:
1.Students will work on their productive (speaking and writing) and
receptive (listening and reading) skills while increasing the number
of communicative contexts moving from topics closely related to
their immediate needs to more abstract themes, e.g., family history
and leisure time activities, international travel and politics.
2.Students will increase the amount of speech to produce simple
narratives and descriptions.
3.Students will strengthen their knowledge of basic grammar
practicing cases, aspect and tenses. Building on this knowledge,
students will learn such sophisticated forms as participles and
4.Students will prepare skits and dialogues. The best skits will be
performed at the Slavic Talent Show in December.