Honors | Prin Chem & Biochem 1 - Honors (CHEM)
S117 | 1790 | Staff

DIS W 3:35-4:25pm
LEC MTuWF 9:05-9:55am, Tu 7:15-9:15pm
LAB W 5:30-8:30pm or W 5:30-8:30pm or Th 5:30-8:30pm

S117 Principles of Chemistry and Biochemistry I, Honors (5 cr.) N & M
P: Placement examination or consent of department. For students with
unusual aptitude or preparation. An integrated lecture-laboratory
course covering basic principles of chemistry and biochemistry. First
semester of a two-semester sequence. Credit given for only one of the
following: C101-C121, C105-C125, S105-S125, C117 or S117.