Honors | Reading and Expression in French - Honors (FRIT)
S300 | 3219 | Emanuel Mickel

TuTh 8:00-9:15am
BH 335

Students in S300 will read an anthology of French poetry and a play,
Le jeu de l’amour et du hasard, and Manon Lescaut. We shall begin
the semester with the poetry learning how to read and analyze poems
using the explication de texte method. Each student getting honors
credit will give a brief (10 minutes) “explication” in French.
Students will also write a paper in French.  Honors students will
write two five-page papers in French. Both the play and the novel
illustrate the struggle between the intellect and the senses, a
dominant theme in Western European literature.  Le jeu de l’amour et
du hasard has fun with the classic tradition and makes a play of
words on philosophy and love. Manon Lescaut is certainly within the
classic tradition but on the cusp of Romanticism as the young
chevalier meets a different kind of woman.

There will be two one-hour exams and a two-hour final.  The course
will be conducted in French.