Honors | Readings for Honors (HISP)
S498 | 3502 | Catherine Larson

TuTh 9:30-10:45am
SY 003

HISP-S 498 Readings for Honors (3 credits)        LITERATURE
Prerequisite:  For students matriculating prior to fall 2010:  You
must have completed two of the following: S328, S331, S332, S333, or
S334. For students matriculating fall 2010 or after: S328; S324 or
S326; and one additional 300-level Spanish class.

This course is for majors who are doing Honors in Spanish.  This
HISP-S 498, #3502  meets with HISP-S 407 Survey of Spanish
Literature I. If you are leaning toward literature for your
background on your honors thesis, you may want to consider taking
this HISP-S 498 course.

HISP-S 498 #3502 9:30A-10:45A TR SY 003   Prof. Catherine Larson
Note: Contact Karla Allgood in BH 844 for permission or e-mail