History and Philosophy Of Science | Eggs, Sees, and Embryos: Understanding Generation & Reproduction through the Ages
X100 | 8996 | Ashley Inglehart

Eggs, Seeds and Embryos:

This is a survey course on varying perspectives towards generation,
reproduction, and embryonic development throughout the history of
western science. The material we cover will span from the Pre-
Socratics through the 18th century.  Questions that the thinkers we
study address include (but are not limited to):
What are the forces that cause the production of a new being?
What role, if any, does the mother play in producing a new
offspring? What about the father?
Does an embryo develop gradually over time, or is it preformed and
just enlarged?
Why does a child resemble both of its parents, and sometimes its
Does all life come from eggs? Are all things made from seeds?