History and Philosophy Of Science | Clocks & Catapults
X320 | 12036 | William Newman

“Clocks and Catapults” will deal with the history of technology and
Western civilization from the ancient world up to the seventeenth
century, just before the Industrial Revolution that coincided with
the European Enlightenment.  The course will cover such topics as
the development of machinery (including siege-weapons) and labor-
saving devices among the Greeks and Romans, the socalled “Industrial
Revolution of the Middle Ages,” the development of clockwork from
the clepsydra to the weight-driven mechanical clock, the
interrelationship of technology and magic in the Middle Ages, the
Artist-Engineers of the Renaissance such as Leonardo da Vinci, late
medieval and early modern chemical technology, shipbuilding, guns,
and navigation in the age of discovery, the explosion of mining and
metallurgy in early modern Europe, and the role of the craftsman in
the Scientific Revolution.