History and Philosophy Of Science | Meanings of Darwinism
X705 | 29188 | Sander Gliboff

To some, a deep and abiding insight into Nature and manís place in
it, Darwinism has been viewed by others as little more than an
attempt to impose Victorian morality and laissez-faire capitalism
onto the organic world. Still others have wielded Darwinism as a
weapon against organized religion, or for (or against) democracy,
aristocracy, selfishness, mutual aid, colonialism, racism, war,
social welfare, and international cooperation.  This graduate
seminar will focus first on the life and times of Charles Darwin,
the development of his theory, and what it meant to him and his
contemporaries. We will then analyze his principal works and a
selection of scientific and social interpretations of his theory
from the late nineteenth century to the present.