International Studies | Topics in International Studies: Global Human Trafficking
I300 | 9679 | Korytova, S.

Human Trafficking, an invisible challenge to human rights across the
globe, is a robust and growing business, only less profitable than
the illegal trade in drugs and weapons.  Women and children are most
frequently trafficked in this 21st century slavery. Most people,
either do not know about the contemporary markets in human beings,
or prefer to look the other way. Where are present day
abolitionists? This course on Global Human Trafficking offers
opportunities to explore international crimes. We will investigate
national and international legislation intended to resolve and rid
us of such illegal, inhumane crimes. We will examine the scope of
the problem and national and international legislation intended to
end these crimes. Our studies will begin with exploration of the
geographic regions from which people are taken and those in which
they are sold and abused. We will explore some of the organizations
founded to assist the victims, their failures, successes, and needs.
These crimes are taking place in the European Union and the United
States, not only third world countries; citizens of western nations
are victims as well as customers and entrepreneurs.  Each student
will have the opportunity to study individual cases, which
illustrate the suffering of the victims and their families and the
sophistication of the business structure from the brutal underlings
to those making fortunes in today's slave trade that involves
government, investors and police as well as criminal networks.