Jewish Studies | Introduction to Jewish History: From the Bible to Spanish Explusion
J251 | 12636 | Mokhtarian, J

Introduction to Jewish History: From the Bible to Spanish Expulsion
(3 cr.)
J. Mokhtarian
JSTU-J 251 #12636 / HIST-H 251 #3549
TR 2:30-3:45

This course introduces students to various aspects of Judaism from
the Biblical Era to the Middle Ages. Key historical events to be
studied include the origins of the ancient Israelites; the
composition of the Hebrew Bible; the destruction of the Second
Temple; the Jewish encounter with Hellenism; the rise of the Rabbis
and Rabbinic Literature; symbiosis and conflict between Jews,
Christians, and Muslims in Medieval Europe; and the Spanish
Expulsion. As we work our way through these major stages of Jewish
history, we also pay close attention to the formation of religious
ideas and practices that characterize Jewish life in each period,
such as monotheism, covenant, Torah, temple, liturgy, mysticism, and
diaspora. Course readings incorporate a large selection of primary
texts in translation alongside secondary literature from various
introductory-level books. Assignments include exams and short
research papers.

Fulfills: Required course for Jewish Studies majors, Required course
for certificate students matriculating at IU as of Summer 2011, GEN
ED S&H, GEN ED World Cultures, CASE S&H, College Global
Civilizations & Cultures, Jewish Studies History & Society course