Jewish Studies | Guns & Roses: Representations of Soldiers and War in Modern Hebrew Literature
L285 | 29428 | Katz, S

Guns and Roses: Representations of Soldiers and War in Modern Hebrew
Literature (3 cr.)
S. Katz
JSTU-L 285 #29428
TR 4:00-5:15

Contemporary stereotypes of the Israeli as soldier frequently
obscure the complex, ambiguous and ambivalent regard held by Jewish
tradition toward the profession of soldiery.

Our course will explore the nuances behind these complexities
through readings focused on the image of the Jew as soldier in war
and peace ever since the middle of the nineteenth century, when Jews-
-seeking emancipation, integration and secularization--in Europe
began to enlist in their host countriesí national armies as
indication of their active desire to become citizens in the emerging

Our readings (all in English translation) will come from Hebrew
literature and critical works of non-fiction and will focus on the
experiences of protagonists in times of war and conflict commencing
with the First World War, continuing with the Holocaust years, and
reaching new levels with the establishment of the State of Israel.

In the course of this survey, we will also witness the evolving
image of the Jew as soldier through our readings, and also a number
of motion pictures. Concepts such as the Muscle Jew, the Masada
Complex, and Samson Syndrome will be included as we read selections
expressing the protagonistsí experiences of war and quest for its

Fulfills: CASE A&H, College Global Civilizations & Cultures course,
Jewish Studies Language & Literature, Literature & the Arts, or
History & Society course; College Themester course