Jewish Studies | Internship in Jewish Studies
P498 | 29309 | Lehmann, M

Internship in Jewish Studies (1-6 credits)
M. Lehmann
JSTU-P 498 #29309
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S/F grading. May be repeated for a maximum of 12 credit hours.

This new course helps students connect their coursework with the
professional world. Through internships related to Jewish Studies,
students make practical use of their skills, learn new skills, and
start to build professional contacts in the field of their interest.
Students need to have a Jewish Studies faculty sponsor. Before
registering, students need to submit an internship application that
specifies, in consultation with the faculty sponsor, what criteria
will be employed for evaluating the successful completion of the
internship. (Email to request an email copy of
the application). Primary deadline is September 17, 2011 but
applications will also be considered later than this date in the
case of shorter/later fall internships.

Internships then have to be authorized by the Associate Director of
the Jewish Studies Program, Professor Matthias Lehmann, before
students can register. There are no prerequisites and students do
not have to be Jewish Studies majors or certificate students in
Jewish Studies. Number of credit hours is determined as follows: 1
credit hour - 50-99 internship hours; 2 credit hours - 100-149
internship hours; 3 credit hours - 150-199 hours, and so on.

Students are responsible for finding and securing their own
internships. The internship must occur during the fall 2011
semester. Students cannot sign up for this course after they have
begun or finished an internship. Internship hours cannot be counted
until you are approved for JSTU-H 498 and enrolled in the course.
Internships are graded S/F and thus do not count in the Jewish
Studies major or certificate. All SPEA majors should enroll in an
internship through SPEA.