Latino Studies | A&H Topics: Latin American and Latino Pop Music
L398 | 31932 | Luiz Fernando Lopes

LATS L398 A&H Topics: Latin American and Latino Pop Music (3 credits)
6:30p-7:45p	MW  Room: M242
Class carries COLL A&H distribution credit and culture studies
credit "A"
This class is joint-listed with music M413/M513/Z413

This course is a survey of the popular and traditional musics from
Latin America from the twentieth century up to the present within
their cultural, historical, and geographical contexts. Over the
semester you will become familiar with a repertoire of about sixty
pieces of music, chosen to illustrate the various distinctive genres
and styles that emerged from Latin America, such as the bolero,
bossa nova, choro, Latin pop, merengue, nueva canción, reggaetón,
rock en español, rumba, salsa, samba, son (Cuban and Mexican),
tango, Tex-Mex conjunto, and many others. We will also study the
historical background and social functions of these pieces, as well
as relevant composers, performers, and musical instruments of the
region. This class will make extensive use of audio¬visual
By the end of the semester, you should be able to recognize and
describe the most important genres and musical styles that emerged
from Latin America, including the individual styles of selected
composers, and to place composers, pieces, styles, and genres in an
historical and geographical frame. In addition, you will be able to
define and explain the importance of several terms and names used in
relation to the repertoire. Besides gaining this broad knowledge of
the field, you will also undertake a final project on a specific and
appropriate topic related to the popular or traditional music from
Latin America, giving you an opportunity to explore in depth a
subject of special interest to you.